Country Of The Month

1 Apr

Food globe

Welcome Every friday you will find new updates of my cooking and experments of food and facts globally from my kitchen.

I have decided to choose the first letter from the alphabet which is -A- for the country or continent to cook meals from. After doing many research of these countries i ended up with “West Africa” (Nigeria and Ghana )

west africa map

Did you knew that Africa is not a country…but it is a continent

We will spend one whole month learning and cooking traditionally food from Nigeria and Ghana. Every friday there will be new food menu and food so please check them out and leave comments,suggestions,please follow and subscribe Thank You.

Fun Facts:
There will be a monthly giveaway and contest that goes with the country of the month.

More details—


        My Picks of traditionally foods from Africa  to cook for the month of April

these will be be no practical order–easch week there will be a random choice==Please come back on friday to see my food choice for this week==


  1. Fufu
  2. Shuku Shuku
  3. Malian Ginger Juice
  4. Efo
  5. Jollof Rice
  6. nigerian Meat Pie
  7. Scotch egg

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