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From My Garden Part 2

17 Jul

Today i will be showing an update of my garden. had a few run in with insects eating the leaves of my beans and sweet pepper after lots of research i came up with the solution of how to get rid of them chemical free, will make sure to share the info with you at the end. 


Big Cherry Tomato


Smaller tomato along with seed grown scallions


Sweet Pepper Blossoms


Bigger Beef Stalk Tomato


Green Sweet Pepper



                                             ==My Home Grown Scallion DIY==


                                                  Freshly picked scallions


                                          After scallion have been cut


                                                                 DIY GROW YOUR OWN


1.Get any store grown scallion and cut off the the top green section like the picture above.

2. Put into a small container of water for at least two weeks to let the buttom scallion sprout grown out


 plantt8 plantt9 

1.After 2 weeks you will have good amount of sprout at the buttom and green sprout at top. You can plant these in your regular garden soil,in pots or non-pots.

                 I will make sure to update you with how my purple scallions are looking and end results


                                                            =Non-Chemical solution i used to get rid of plant eating insects=

Dishwashing solution
you will need:
Any spray bottle container,preferable one which is new
Dawn ultra dishwashing liquid original scent(i used the blue color liquid)

Mix the dawn and water together into your spray bottle. Use more dawn than water.
Spray your mixture solution in board cracks wall cracks,holes and around…( but not on plants…)

                                                                    Garlic solution for Insecticide
you will need:
10 garlic cloves, unpeeled
3 cups hot water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid

1. puree the garlic along with peels in a blender
2.Strain the mixture through a fine sieve strainer into a jar or any container.
3. Add oil, water, and dishwashing liquid.close the jar or container tightly and give a good shake. Pour into a spray bottle.
4. Apply to both sides of leaves every three days to control hatching insects eggs.


Food globe



From My Garden

12 Jun

Below you will find few of my vegs and fruits which I have planted at the start of spring  they are growing very well, these picture I had taken 2 weeks ago.I WILL BE DOING AN UPDATE OF HOW THEY ARE GROWNG SOON. hopefully will get produce from them soon.






Sweet pepper


Small sweet peppers

  Food globe

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