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Cooking From Asia== Cabbage Roll and Meatballs

30 Jul



This is my last meal from Asia Japan and China –Cabbage Roll and Meatballs. Please enjoy*-*


one egg

ground beef

one slice onion


cabbage leaf (3 or 5)  


parsley flakes


bbq sauce




soy sauce







Methods: Meatball


1.Add egg and other ingriedients to ground beef. Mix well and use to spoons to form a perfect ball. Roll meatballs into flour.



2. Fry meatballs until golden brown. Keep warm in oven


Methods: Cabbage Roll



1. Fry your onion until soft, add ground beef to onion in pot and cooked well until brown, make sure to season with salt and pepper or any prefrence of seasoning. Put into container to use for your stuffing and cabbage roll.




2.Put your cooked Ground beef in the middle of soft cabbage leaf and roll starting from the white hard section until you have a nice roll. (Tip image 4) Make sure to soak your cabbage leafs into hot boiling water to make them soft and eatable.

                                        Try: Stuff Cabbage


For this Method of stuff cabbage, it is just like taco without the cheese. You only need to scoop a table spoon of  cooked ground beef into the cabbage leaf and you good to go. It was fantastic. Bon Apetit*-* 


 Bon Apetit*-*



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Country of the month ==Asia continues

3 Jul

Hello everyone hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. I wil be continuing with the country Asia from June for the month of july.
It has been a very slow month for me, with computer tecnical issues and so on. But i really do hope i will be able to do more posting this month

Below is a link of some of the food i have already cooked from Asia

Baked Japanese Orange Chicken

Rice paper Roll

Easy MarinateTeriyaki Sauce

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Fun Facts— Chinese Menu planning and Ingredients

17 Jun

====Menu planning and Ingredients=== 


 For daily consumption, long grain rice is used. There are many types of long grain rice.


Noodles are a staple food item for the inhabitants of Northern China. They usually choose egg noodles from the supermarket.


Polyunsaturated oils are preferred for Chinese cooking. Chinese consider peanut oil as being the most flavoursome, but corn, safflower, and soya oils are used. Butter, margarine, and olive oil are never used for Chinese wok cookery


There are three main types of Chinese tea… Green, Red, and Black. General speaking the higher the price of the tea the better the grade. 


All vegetables available in local markets are used in Chinese cookery. From fresh bean sprouts, celery, cabbage and snow peas. Bamboo shoots and water chestnuts available from the oriental canned goods section. 


Except for luncheon meats, all types of American meats are suitable for Chinese cooking 


All fresh and fresh-frozen seafoods of supermarket are suitable for Chinese cooking

=Condiments and Seasoning=

Soya sauce, ginger powder, nuts, corn starch and other condiments used in recipes are all available in supermarkets.

There isn’t any rules for planning Chinese meals. In Asia some Chinese people will eat “congee” or “dim sum” for breakfast


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Country of the month —Asia

6 Jun


The country of the month I have chosen to go with is Asia. I will be trying my best to make this months country as intresting as possible with diverse food and background information. (Focul point China and Japan)



One quarter of the world lives in China, a vast diverse country of the Asian continent. Its ancient civilization emerged from farming villages along rivers and grew from small kingdoms into the present immense nation of 56 ethnic groups. imagesCAEBUHF8

Their language, writing, art, food and farming influenced many other Asian cultures.


China is an enormous country with a great variety of landscape and climate. The third largest country in the world–exceeding in area only by Russia and Canada, China occupies most of the eastern part of the mainland of Asia.

     China wildlife  includes the golden-haired monkey, the red-crowned crane, and the giant panda.

Golden hair monkey

Golden hair monkey

Giant panda

Giant panda

red-crowned crane

red-crowned crane




The Island Nation of Japan was cut off from the rest of the world for a long time.Traditions and skills passed from generation to generation to form a distinctive culture.


The Japanese people showed that they were skillful also at learning what other societies had to offer. A time of expansion ended in the disasters of World War II. From proverty and hunger Japan rose to become a leader in technology and fiance.

Cranes are symbols to the Japanese of long life. They feature in Japanese tales.

Japan crane

Japan crane

japanese cherry blossom

Plum blossoms

Plum blossoms


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