Fun Facts== Japan=The Land

24 Jun
Location of Tokyo within Japan

Location of Tokyo within Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello everyone today on Fun Facts Japan, I will be taking you on a brief  Introduction background on the land of Japan. Will try my best to put in as much interesting facts as possible.


The Seasons in Japan

There are four seasons in Japan. They are:

=hanru   spring {March to May}

=natsu summer {June to August}

            =aki autumn {September to November}

=fuyu winter {December to February}

kimono and zōri; Kyōto, Japan

Japan out fit (Photo credit: xopherlance)

The seasons have an important role in many aspects of life in traditional clothing there are different patterns for obi or sashes. Example:

Plum blossoms in Nanjing, China.

             Ginkaku-ji (Silver pavilion, Kyoto) seen throu...

   In spring plum blossoms, and in autumn red maple leaves.

Cherry blossoms appears in Tokyo between late March and early April. Because the weather in Japan turns very cold suddenly, the autumn leaves are a spectacular and people go on outings to view them.

==Did You Know==

Official Name: Japan

            Official Language: Japanese

        Population: 126,000,000

Capital: Tokyo

Currenccy: Yen

                                                                   Ethnic Groups: Japanese 99% – Korean 0.2% – Others 0.2%

                                                                                                Religions: Shinto 39.5% – Buddhist 38.3% – Christean 3.8% – Others 18.3%



The mountain islands which makes up Japan were shaped by volcanoes and earthquakes. There are at least 40 to 50 active volcanoes in Japan today.

The country experience many earthquakes each year. Most do little damage.

Tokyo Memorial Hall for the Casualties of the ...

Tokyo Memorial Hall for the Casualties of the Great Kanto Earthquake at Ryogoku, Tokyo, Japan. Architect by Chuta Ito in 1930. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

             Massive earthquakes:  1923, the Great Tokyo Earthquake cause many fires and the loss of many lives.

                                                                   1995 the worst earthquake in Japan for 70 years hit the port city of Kobe, five     thousand people were killed and 56,000 buildings destroyed or damage.


                      An english poet name James Kirkup, who lived in japan for fifteen years described his experience of an earthquake in a poem.


I notice that all the telegraph poles

along the lane

      are wagging convulsively, and the wires

bounce like skipping-ropes round

flustered birds.

   ——Earthhquake, James Kirkup(1923)

the earth creeps under the floor.


The seasons…as well as the four seasons, the Japanese have a special word for a time when the monsoon brings much rain{tsuyu.} This extra season last from mid June to mid July

English: Landscapes of the Four Seasons (紙本墨画淡...

English: Landscapes of the Four Seasons (紙本墨画淡彩四季山水図, shihon bokuga tansai) by Sesshū Tōyō. Handscroll. Ink and light color on paper. Located in the Mōri Museum (毛利博物館), Hōfu, Yamaguchi, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Food globe


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