Monday Japanese cooking Rice paper Roll

11 Jun

japanese rice paper roll1 

My food from Asia, specifically Japan I have chosen to prepare rolls, this has been my first attempt and the expreience and outcome was amazingly well, the taste was enjoyable. My opinion of the rice paper is that it tasted very similar to rice,texture extremly refine a bit rubbery and delicate. Loved it.

I will make a post of how i made my teriyaki sauce, so please do look out for that.



1 avocado chopped

can tuna 

3 slice lettuce leave

slice baby grape tomato

slice cook pork/or any cooked meat kind

1 shredded carrot

4 rice paper


japanese rice paper roll5 



japanese rice paper roll4

 1. Put your rice paper into warm water for about 7 mins until  soft. Mean while slice and prepare all of your ingredients. Put every thing into a bowl and mix well, add salt and paper to taste.


japanese rice paper roll3 

2.Put your mix ingredients into centre of rice paper and bring two sides into center,bring the top part of the rice paper facing from you down and slowly roll until you have the Finish effect of a roll. Simple as that we are finish enjoy.. Bon Apetit*-*


japanese rice paper roll

japanese rice paper roll2 



When you are about to put your filling into the rice paper make sure you do take them out of the water 2 mins before, that way it will be easy to roll and assemble and you won’t end up with any rips.


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