Fun Fact Italy=== Introduction

27 May



On todays Fun Fact Italy we will be learning about Italy, the location and a briefs introduction. Sorry everyone for been so way behind, I have been real busy.

There are about 59 million people live in Italy. Italy is a beautiful country steeped in history and full of ancient buildings.


Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso

The highest mountains are Gran Paradiso, and Monte Rosa on the border of

Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa

 It is the only European country with active volcanoes.. Vesuvius, near Naples, Etna in Sicily and the smallest ones of Stromboli and Vulcano in Aeolian Islands near Sicily.

Italy’s Coastline
Italy coastline varies from small rocky beaches in the northwest to long wide sandy beaches in the east. Sailing and windsurfing are popular along the coast, and an italian beach vocation would not be complete without hiring a pedalo.

Where Is Italy
Italy is located into the southern part of Europe and stretches from the Alps to the Mediterranean sea. It has sea on three sides and is shaped like a long legged booth with the island of Sicily at its toe.

Around Italy



The capital of Italy is Rome, the country consist of 95 provinces and 20 regions. Each region has its own custom, way of life and food.

Language…..Most Italians are bilingual, which means that they speak both Italian andy their regional dialect. Italian is the main language.




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