My Personal Kitchen Tinker Corner==Bread Butter Sandwich Pickle

14 May

Hello everyone today in my personal kitchen tinker corner i will be sharing with you how i make my simple easy Butter Sandwich Pickle. Please do enjoy*-* 




2 or 3 pickling cucumber

pickling  salt

2 fresh thyme

teaspoon dry thyme

1 tablespoon olive oil (or any other cooking oil)

pepper flakes

1 whole slice onion

4 slice chilli pepper or sweet pepper

1 tablespoon tarragon leaves





1. Mix and combine all of your wet and dry ingredients into a bowl along with pre-maid vinerger liquid and stir everything together.



2. Little at a time pour your mixed sauce into pickling jar along with your slice pickle cucumber, sliced onion, slice  chilli pepper and cut fresh thyme. Make sure to only add a little of sauce to the buttom of your pickle jar, then after you place and arrange your slice ingredients in  jar, finish pouring your pickling sauce over all your cut ingredients in your jar.



3. Here you have your finish product.  You can put on any sandwich, meat or anything you like.  Enjoy Bon Apetit *_*


Food globe


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