Country Of The Month

11 May

Food globeHello everyone it has been one full week which I have not made any post, and i hope everyone is doing very well.

Today I will be updating you about the country of the month for May.

I have chosen to go with Italy, which is located in southern Europe,on a peninsula that extends out into the central Mediterranean Sea.


We will spend the month of may cooking from each location in italy, and learning about their culture and lifestyle. I hope it will be informative and fun for all my followers and viewers.

          ==Some of the things to look forward to from Italy==

                                               Food Processing


Facts:     Did you knew that Italy has 10 neighboring countries.


       Some food to look for that I will be cooking from Southern, Northern, Eastern, Central, and Western Italy:

                     Pizza==Jams==Sea food==Pasta== and lots more


Food globe


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