Belated Friday African Food Part 2

30 Apr



Part two
Nigerian meat pie

  Meat filling

1 potato slice and chopped
1/2 cup mixed frozen vegetables
1.5 cup (1 cup) ground beef
1 chopped onion
cooking oil

1 teaspoon tomato paste



1. Slice onion and put into pot with cooking oil, make sure pot is hot first. Let the onions carmalize a bit. Add your 1 cup ground beef to onion, give a stir and let ground beef cooked throughly then add your seasoning and stir.


2. After meat is fully cooked, add slice potato, mix frozen vegetables and thyme. Give a stir.

3.Pour 1/2 cup of water over meat filling in pot and let simmer a bit. Mix half cup of water with 1/4 teaspoon of flour and mix into a paste,pour into pot with rest of meat filling. Add 1 teaspoon of tomato paste and stir well. it is finished when potatoes are cook and tender.




1 tbs baking powder

pinch of salt

2 cups water

4 1/2 cup flour





1.put in your flour, salt, baking powder and butter into a bowl and mix it all together very well.


2.When it is all mixed well in with the butter, there should be a flaky lumpy texture to the flour. Add you water little at a time and mix well until you get a dough like the one in the above picture.


3.Roll your dough out with a rolling-pin and use a bowl, cookie cutter or any circular object you may have to use a perfect circle to put your filling in. Use a knife to cut out the indented shape like i did. After you have all your cut out circles, it is time for the filling.


4.Mix your egg, and use a spoon bottom to apply small amount to the edges of your circle to keep it close while it is baking. Add a small amount of your meat filling, fold over dough press edges down with a fork at least 3 times to have a perfectly close edges.

5. After you have add your filling and close your meat pie take mix egg and rub a bit of it over top of meat pie to have a brown texture, and it is all done. Enjoy..Bon Apetit.*-*





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