Belated Friday Cooking Ghana Jollof rice with baked chicken Part 1

27 Apr


I took this picture in the morning from my window. Mama bird and her nest

I took this picture in the morning from my window.
Mama bird and her nest

*_*I was inspired by boyo Woman at   so i took this picture. Check out her blog of the amazing bird picture which she had taken,they are beautiful

Lets start off by saying what a beautiful morning it is here in canada i pop open my window in my room and went back in after five minutes and oh my the most wonderful fresh breeze that overlap me took me to another time and place, it was so refreshing almost like drinking fresh cold water or should i say it would have been like standing by a stream of flowing water on a cool beezy

There are only three more days remaing for me to complete this month theme which is Africa and i have delay my friday food post in order to cook the meals from my menu.The following three remaing days i will be focusing on Africa and the people within Africa.
There will be two post of the remaing food i have cooked part ones and part two. Hope you my wonderful followers and viewers will enjoy my last two post of my cooking food from Africa.^_^

Jollf Rice with baked Chicken

jollof rice2  


jollof rice


Jollf rice
1 chopped onion
2 garlic
4 bell pepper
5 tablespoon tomato paste
1 tomato
1/2 tablespoon curry powder
half cup mixed frozen vegetable or fresh
4 tablespoon cooking oil





1.Add slice onions to 4 and a half tablespoon oil in hot-pot. Stirring on and off to have a brown texture.


2.Blend tomato with hot bell pepper, thyme, ginger, add  1/2 cup of water to blend puree and blend again until you have a semi liquify puree.



3. When onion is fully cooked, add your blend puree sauce, with seasoning and tomato paste, stir everything well together, then add chicken stock. Stir very well.


4. Add washed rice to sauce stir and pour enough water to cover rice, add the remaing salt season and  Give it a good stir.


5. Turn your stove down a bit stirring rice continually and leave uncover fro 5 mins. Add mix frozen vegetable after 5 minutes, stir and add a pich more water. Stir then put foil paper over rice,cover with lid and let stem for another 5 minutes. If rice sticks a bit at the buttom of pot that is ok just give it a good stir.

6. transfer rice to baking dish, cover with foil and put in oven for 30 to 35 mins until soft and moist. It is finish enjoy Bon Apetit*-*

jollof ricpnj  

                                                        (Peri-Peri) Baked chicken 


baked chicken    

1/2 teaspoon tyme
1/4 teaspoon curry powder
3 tablespoon cooking oil




1. Mix all of your seasoning together.After you have clean and wash your chicken with vinager and water rub and pour the seasoning sauce over chicken, rub it all in.

2. Place chicken on baking sheet place in oven at 300 degrees for 30 to 35 mins, then flip over meat after 30 or so mins and turn oven to broil or grill until chicken is golden brown.

baked chicken  chicrice5   


Food globe


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