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18 Apr

Welcome to another Fun Facts week where we will be spending a few days learning about  remote villages and tribes in Ghana.

There are many varieties of groups and tribes from the continent of Africa… but this week I will be focusing on Ghana.



The Ashanti lives in central Ghana in western Africa approximately 300 km away from the coast. They are a major ethnic group of the Akans in Ghana, a fairly new nation barely more than 5o years old. The Ashani region of Ghana lies at the heart of the west African tropical rainforest. To the Ashanti the family and the mother clan are most important. It is said that a child is to inherite the fathers soul or spirit and from the mother a child recieves flesh and blood.

The time period in which these Ashanti ballards are set is the late 1950s when the gold coast became ghana–the first African colony to achieve independence.

The Ashanti kings

Nana Osei Tutu (1680 tp 1717), 
Nana Opoku Ware I (1720-1750) 
Nana Kusi Obodum (1750-1764) 
Nana Osei Kwadwo (1764-1777 
Nana Osei Kwame (1777-1798)                                                                                              Ghana-Flag-Map
Nana Opoku Fofie (1798-1799) 
Nana Osei Bonsu (1800-1823) 
Nana Osei Yaw Akoto (1824-34) 
Nana Kwaku Dua I (1834 – 67) 
Nana Kofi Karikari (1867-74) 
Nana Mensah Bonsu (1874-1883) 
Nana Kwaku Dua II in 1884 
Nana Kwaku Duah II alias Nana Agyeman Prempeh I from 1888 to 1931, 
Nana Osei Tutu Agyeman Prempeh II from 1931 to 1970 
Otumfuo Opoku Ware II from 1970-1999.

                                                                         At the time of independence

Cocoa was a very dominant cash crop. Vegetables and fruit for homes also flourished.

The foods that grew was yam..plantain.. cassava.. maize .. pineapple… oranges to name a few. From the forest they were able to get bush-meat.. palm and timber.To create a farm it was neccesary to clear part of the natual forest.


Everyone participate in major cermonies, such as funeral celebration which last for  several days. In each village there are people of importance..for instance– The chief < together with the elders maintain traditional customs and cermonials and deals with disputes. Read more on the link provided.. 


There is a universial god, but this does not exclude gods associate with particalur regions or spirits, by whom a priest may be possesed. Sources from  go on there to read more..     

waku Dua III Asamu or Nana Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh I (1872-1931), king (Asentehene) of the Ashanti Confederacy in West Africa.

   waku Dua III Asamu or Nana Akwasi Agyeman Prempeh I (1872-1931), king (Asentehene) of the Ashanti Confederacy in West Africa.

Ashanti king-nana okyere

Ashanti king-nana okyere


In Asante, the family line passes through the mother to her child. The man is strongly related to his mother’s brother but only weakly related to his father’s brother.


The officially language is english, but is not spoken by many villagers. The Asante are part of the Akan tribes who speaks various dialects of Twi. This language is very rich 

Ashanti Lady

Ashanti Lady


      ===   NOTE===

Numerous experts have commented on the similarities within the traditions of kingship and cultic practice centering on the mystical nature of gold between imperial Ghana and the Akan peoples of the forest (even the linguistic derivatives from Ghana of Guan and Akan).

In many cases, this has been taken as confirmation of a diffusion of ideas from the Sudanese grasslands to the forest of West Africa. Some authorities have looked back even further, tracing the origins of the traditions of divine kingship to Pharaonic Egypt.

Similarities in language such as the word “Ka” for spirit, which in Twi is “Kra”, have been noted along with the parallels in ceremonial objects such as the use of funeral masks on royal tombs in Asante and the king’s flail, battle axe, crooked sword and fly whisk.                                                                                            


                          SOURCE FROM:

in order to qualify to become a king, there are certain prerequisites that need to be met: No previous prison sentence, no visible scars and no adultery! Meeting these criteria you then need to be accepted by the people before being carried through the town in a palanquin. 

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