My Version of Efo

8 Apr

It is monday the begining of the week right now it’s raining cats and dogs out side,and i am completly relaxed from the sound of it. I can hear the tap tap drops on the back of my patio and the swish swish from off the car tires, it is absolutely wonderful.

Today is the day where i cook my version of Efo, which i had cooked and share with you on friday. This will be some what different but still trying to stay on the African theme side with one ingreident. For my version of the Efo i will be serving it with par-boiled rice.


my version efo  

my version    GC


2 cup rice

half cup flour

1 tin can dry lima beans

1 chilli pepper

1 tablespoon tomato paste

1 scallion

1 teaspoon margarine

salt/all spice

1IB soaked pig tail(soak over night)

5 or more shrimp



1. Put soak pig tail which was soaked over night in pot of water with one shredded garlic over medium heat, this needs to be cooked for at least 30 mins to one hour for meat to become soft.



2. Wash two cups of rice and pour into pot with 4 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of margarine and pinch of salt  bring to broil over medium heat for 20 or more minutes



3.wash shrimps and seasoned with salt, allspice, paprika, shredded garlic and ginger with sliced chilli pepper and scallion. Mix and let sit in fridge until pig tail is soft and tender.



4.After pig tail is fully cooked take shrimp from fridge and cook over medium heat until pink in color add slice chilli pepper and scallion.


5. Pour half cup of flour into bowl, slowly sprinkly water over flour and mix together until it is kneadable and not too flaky or sticky. Roll in long skinny shapes like in the picture above, then put into pot that has the pig tail. make sure to add a pinch of salt to flour.



6. Pour the can of dry lima bean, mixture of flour with water and tomato paste into pot with the other ingredients.Mix cover and let simmer for about 2 minutes until you get a thick substance.



7. Finish off by putting in the shrimp and slice pepper into pot stir and give another 2 mins of cooking. Voila it is finished.enjoy *-*



When cooking pig tail you have to always make sure it is soaked out very well and ahead of time, reason for this is so that most of the salt which is in it can be removed or it will be extremly salty when eating. Another advice is to put very little salt into your stew, the pig tail will already have enough salt for your stew…adding seasoning is ok. This stew is meant to be enjoyable not salty ^-^



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