My Personal Kitchen Tinker corner

4 Apr

You have entered my personal corner of cooking. Everything i prepare and cook in my personal kitchen tinker corner will be my own recipes and style. I created this page to share with you the food i enjoy cooking and preparing on a daily basic or simple when i am in the mood of cooking which is pretty much everyday.

Summer is around the corner although it is still a bit chilly,especially today in the morning but i am not complaining got to give thanks so i am happy.

I was in the mood of one of my summer ice-cream berry parfait (sryup), so i went a head and prepare it to share with you my viewers. Hope you all enjoy.

ice creamice cream sryup      


ingredients GCsryup   

*Ice Cream

*Frozen mixed berries/un-mixed(1 or half cup)

*Half cup water

*1/2 cup sugar

*2 tablespoon lemon juice

*1/2 cup maple sruyp

*Regular mixing spoon



                            =1.Pour half cup of water into hot pot=


sugar/water GC 

                      =2. Next pour 1/2 cup of sugar in boiling water and stir=


mix fruits 

    I had fresh sliced strawberries to my recipe but this is optional,frozen strawberries works just the same


fruits been poured 

         =3. After the water with sugar has started boiling had your mixed or fresh berries,and give them a good stir=



=4. Add your lemon juice–this can be freshly squezzed lemon or if you prefer the pre-made bottle version again this is optional. Let everything come to a boil stirring every 3 section or so to make sure it all comes together and not stick. Turn down your stove to minimum and put your pot cover lid on, leave it on for about 2 mins stirring in between those time space and add your 1/2 cup maple sruyp for thickening. =



=5.After you take your lid off the pot and give it a few stir you should have a cramalized mixture which has the look of jam and sruyp. Your berries should be soft and tender.. if you would like your sauce to be thicker and sweeter add more sugar and stir some more but this goes to your liking. ==Voila!!^_^ your parfait is complete…enjoy*-*=



                                                                      = Tip=

*Make sure to let your sruyp cool down for about an hour for a quicker solution put it in your fridge  until it is totally cool. The reason for this is so that your ice cream won’t melt when you drizzle your sryup on top.

*For any left over you can store into seal container for at least a week or so, and use if your ever in the mood for icream parfait


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