Fun Facts ====Africa====

4 Apr

Its another thursday of Fun Facts of Africa (Nigeria)….List below are some the most used meat in Nigeria

  1. Goat Meat Cut Chart

    Goat Meat Cut Chart

         Goat Meat Cut Chart

    Goat Meat=known as Mutton..It is 50% less fat than beef, 15% less fat than veal, 45% less fat than lamb.<Mutton is cheaper   than lamp but tougher and fattier but the taste is amazingly delicious. 


    Cow skin in soup

    Cow skin in soup

    2.Cow Skin=.. Is not only eaten in Africa but in the Caribbean as well. It is also known as pomo, cow skin is singed burnt and scrapped to remove all the hairs.You will find that cow skin has a rubbery chewry texture, and is eaten mostly in soups and stews.


    3. Cow Foot= Usually sold smoked cleaned and semi boiled. Cow foot can be used in stew and soup. (Niwobi) known as spicy Cow Foot is a nigerian delicacy. Nutrition Summary: Calories 310, Fat 25g, Carbs 0g. 


    Beef cut chart

    Beef cut chart

    4. Beef=  Beef is a bit expensive but widely eaten in Nigeria. All parts of the freshly butchered cow is is sold with not one thing wasted.Beef offers an array of protein, vitamins and minerals which can be found in many low-fat cuts. Roast cooked  beef Average counter= Calories 218, protein 34g, Carbs 0g, Fat 7.9g, Iron 3.2, Calcium 7mg. (You can find more nutrition counter  average on beef at


    Un-boiled egg

    Un-boiled eggCook boil egg

    Cook boil egg

    5. Eggs= You will find that eggs are still expensive in nigeria and is used less in dishes. They are usually eaten boiled. Nutrition data on one large egg= calories 71, fat 5g, saturated fat 2g, protein 6g, iron 5%, vitamin A 5%, calcium 3%. View more nutrient data at


    6. Liver= Ox Liver is usually soaked in salted water to take away the strong taste.


           == TRY THIS==

    Salted Meats–In nigerian salted meats are used often.

    To salt beef:  2.5 beef pork or mutton

                            500g/lib coarse salt

                           2 tablespoon sugar

                           1tsp salt petre

    Mix salt saltpetre and sugar together into a large glass bowl. Rub the mixture well into the meat. Sprinkle a little more dry salt over the meat. Cover and leave into a dry space. Pour any liquid that collects daily sprinkle with more salt over until dry for a few more days. Remove from bowl sprinkle with more salt and wrap in clean musiln and stored until required.

    To Use: Wash meat thoroughly and soak in cold water for four hours or overnight before cooking.


       More fun Facts==Did you know

      * Did you know that in Africa more people are killed by crocodile than lion

     *Did you know that Africa has the worlds largest desert..the sahara desert

     *Did you know that some experts has estimated that there are 3,000 distinct ethnic groups(tribes) in Africa. Nigeria alone has more than 370 recognized tribes

                                                                           ==Now you know==

    Food globe


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